Friday, October 31, 2008

New Photos On My Etsy Shop

So needless to say I am no model, but a lot of people were wanting to see the clothing and scaves on.. so here you go! One of the scarves already sold! ha!

For Sale @My Etsy Shop $20


For Sale @My Etsy Shop for $25

For Sale @My Etsy Shop for $30

For Sale @My Etsy Shop for $35

Special thanks to my wonderful boyfriend Lee, he made it tons of fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This one is for my ladies!!

So I finally finished my huge cross stitch, although it may not seem huge to some.. the border alone took me a week. This piece means so much to me, not just because it is a feminist piece, but more on a personal level. I am not sure if any of you ladies have ever been in a situation where you have been with someone who just kept dragging you lower and lower everyday you spent with them.. but I have. And I felt trapped like I was drowning in quicksand. Being in a verbally abusive relationship is very difficult and can do massive damage to your self esteem along with how you view other relationships afterwards. About 3 years ago I dated a guy for nearly two years, and he treated me like complete shit. He talked down to me, even infront of his friends. It wasn't uncommon for his friends to stand up for me and defend me. In those two years I felt trapped but at the same time completely unwanted. He made me feel like the gum that was stuck on his shoe that he couldn't get off. But of course the minute I did leave him he begged me to stay, even got his mother involved. And after I left him he sent me a love letter telling me how he still loves me and how he misses me everyday.

So as a result to all the bullshit I decided to make something positive, something to show us women that we do not have to tolerate that at all! "Never let the hand you hold, hold you down." So this piece means more to me than anyone could ever imagine!

SOLD @Etsy Shop

okay now onto more fun and light stuff! I embroidered this cute little coin purse.. it looked sorta gothic to me with all the paisley, so I decided to add a skull pattern from Sublime Stitching!
For Sale @ Etsy Shop for $10

And I made this already cute and rather spacious cosmetics bag, even cuter!
For Sale @ Etsy Shop for $13

I tried to go with the color scheme of the bag already :)
Anyway that is what I have been working on this week! Fun stuff. The cross stitch took up most of my time but with such a positive statement I didn't mind at all!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Craft Night with The Crafty Cunts
- Enjoy the less hours at work
- Continue to keep on the positive path
- Embrace change
- Craft, craft, craft
- Start on custom order for Amanda

So we are planning another amazing craft night, so excited to see the ladies.. spend time with them goofing off. We always have so much fun when we get together.

I have asked work to cut back my hours alittle, so I will be making less money.. but it is giving me time to reflect. Unfortunately I haven't spent hours crafting, just hours with "me" time, which has been so nice. Well Lee is definitely getting a lot of time too!

The past week I have decided to attack life at a different angle, stop some bad habits and continue my day to day with a much more positive attitude. I think it is working! I have had a really good week, despite someone's attempt at making me upset. Yea if you didn't hear someone reported my pin ups not only to photobucket but also myspace. I think it is really silly someone would go to such lengths to try to get to me.. but it isn't working. I just laughed it off!

Embracing change everyday! I have made a lot of changes in my life in the past week. I want to continue this because it is making me a stronger person! Not only is my attitude better but I feel more myself than I have in a very long time.

So I finally finished up my custom tea towels but now I must finish up this cross stitch I have been working on for a while. The border is huge, but I picked it because I really liked it, so suck it up Katie! It will be one of my favorite pieces once I am finished, I am sure!

Lee's friend Amanda asked me to do a custom piece for her boyfriend.. haha she refers to him as her husband basically.. She doesn't believe in marriage so they probably will never marry but they will be together forever. I mention this because the custom order is kinda her take on vows. I can't wait to do it, it should be hilarious!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Custom Tea Towels.. Girls Girls Girls!!

So I had a custom order to do a set of three tea towels, all pin ups.. I was more than willing to do it! I love doing the pin ups. The lady who asked me was in love with the ones I already did, so I tried to change them up alittle. I used two shades or red and blond instead of just one, and did a new pin up that I simply loved doing! So here is the finished product.. Although if she is reading, I won't be able to send these out til Monday, due to my work schedule. She also wants me to do a Reform School Girl tea towel, so yay! I hope she likes them!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Etsy SALE!!! ( I have reduced prices due to the fact that xmas is right around the corner!!)
- Work on Katie
- Work
- Finish up custom order

I am not doing a long resolution this week.. I have just had a wake up call this past weekend and I am have to re-evaluate my situation in my life.. I am going to be working on a lot of personal demons and work on bettering my relationship with people. I am not going to go into anymore detail because why ruin a fun craft blog with that crap.

I am starting an Etsy Sale for xmas.. Please remember I also take custom orders and have no problem working with ideas, infact I love it. I have to finish up a custom order this week and get it out.. I am almost half way finished! It will be 3 tea towels all pin up themed! Which will be a blast!

I tried to put in my notice at work last week.. then they called asking if there was anyway to keep me there. I asked for more night shifts and less morning shifts, as the night shifts are longer, so that will take away from craft time but will bring in some more money. hooray!

I am sorry this is probably the most boring weekly resolutions, I almost didn't post it, but I wanted you all to know I have disappeared.. just been sick to my stomach!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Zombies, Pinups, Skateboarding, Dirty Cross stitch

Yea, I guess since I only do "popular" things I thought this week I would spice it up some.. But WARNING LALALAURREN, I will show the other item I sent in your package, so you may want to stop here til you get it.. If not you have been warned.. muhahhaa..

Okay first thing's first.. Zombies.. God who doesn't love zombies? If you don't don't answer that! Because I do.. George Romero is one of my favorite directors because of his cheesy zombie movies. Plus if you have never checked out Martin, it was one my favorite movies ever! It is not zombie related however, but vampire related.

I am going totally off the topic, but I guess I am getting personal here.. I mean I am a girl that loves zombies.. I do have a zombie tattoo.. you could consider me a zombie geek. So this is only my second time using like a tshirt fabric.. This one did not turn out as great as the Eve Tanktop, but reguardless I love it for the idea alone.. and the zombies! If you do hate zombies than you will love the back of this tshirt.

tshirt is a medium for $30 @ my shop

Now for the pinup.. which I think is my favorite thing to do ever! LaLaLaLaurren ordered something from me, the peeping tom piece.. well I decided it was wayyy too cool for another crafter to purchase something so expensive without throwing in something very awesome along with it. So I did her another Sailor Jerry style pinup.. this one not framed.. but with the same fabric, color and all. So I hope she gets them safely and loves them!

The next piece is so weird I had to buy them.. Plus if you know anything about me, you know I use to "attempt" at skateboarding.. That I grew up in the home of Jamie Thomas, if you don't know who that is just think Zero Skateboards.. I also spent my very wholesome youth hanging out with wholesome skateboarders, who'da thought those exist right? Nah, I am from Alabama.. there are the troubled youth and the good youth. I was part of the good youth, still am to an extent.

So when I saw that Sublime Stitching did some patterns with their local skateboarder Michael Sieben, outta Austin TX, I had to endulge myself.. And I can't wait to do some more of his art, because it is more art like than basic embroidery. DON'T get me wrong, I just bought some retro patterns and I am really excited to try them, but art is really cool adapted into another art form, embroidery.

18.00 @ my shop

Now for what is expected of me.. another dirty cross stitch. The bisexuals out there will appreciate this one! So one of all time favorite shows is Strangers with Candy. It should have never been canceled!! So that show is great, Amy Sedris and Steven Colbert were two of the creators and writers.. LOVE THEM BOTH! So this piece is kinda like a piece of my heart.. for real! So if you have never seen the show its about a 47 year-old recovering drug out who goes back to school, the same school she dropped out of to become a junkie whore. It really makes fun of shows like Saved by the Bell, which kill me if that is on.. it is just as bad as the Brady Bunch.. ugh! Stangers with Candy is very unpolitical correct, racist, sexual and brassy.. I love it but I do realize why it got canceled.

This piece is intitled " I like the pole and the hole" Notice the dried up flower.. kinda like Jerry Blank returning to high school.. haha

17.00 @ my shop

I have had one busy week, I hope you guys dig something.. let me know what you think!


Thank you to Isewcute for adding some of my pieces in her treasury on etsy! Seriously, it is a honor to be recognized for my hard work, especially from a crafter I admire.
If you want to check it out it is one hot treasury!

Monday, October 13, 2008

You've Got A Dirty Whorish Mouth!

Like for real..

$18.00 at my etsy shop

I love Anchorman so much, actually I love anything Will Ferrell does.. he is hilarious! Since the other one sold so quickly off etsy I decided it was past time to do another Anchorman quote.

$15.00 at my etsy shop

Another great movie is Run Ronnie Run.. I just love Mr. Show.. maybe too much?! Nah! This is one of my favorite lines in the movie, spoken by one of my favorite women in comedy.. Ms Sarah Silverman. I feel this way a lot.. I am not for something, and I am not against it.. I really feel like this frame really suits the piece.

Just thought I would share my newest listings and see what you guys think.. feel free to share :) And I am trying to venture away from saying fuck and other curse words in my stitchings, although I love cussing I do realize those pieces aren't meant for everyone and I definitely don't want to offend anyone.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Craft night with The Crafty Cunts
- Continue to craft
- Spend less time promoting
- Work, work, work
- Send Lauren her package
- Finish Lauren's package
-Send off Etsy Order

So Epic Failure on the whole being patient last week, so let's try it again this week! I guess I have just been super patient at work and not patient at all with crafting, promoting, or people that I thought were my friends.

But speaking for friends, I get to finally spend time with them. Last week we were not able to have craft night due to all The Crafty Cunts being insanely busy.. But Monday it is on and we are having a shindig for sure to make up for lost time. I seriously love my friends, they are so supportive no matter what I am going through and always listen and are very positive people.. Which is what I need. I cannot stand negative nancys, and I think I have had my fill of them for a lifetime!

I have recieved some great feedback on the tank top I did yesterday.. Yea already! People on Etsy are so friendly.. I have been taking a lot of their advice to make my page look even better and not so much like am a amateur.. There are things people look for in stores that I had no idea.. And I am going to share some secrets! A. Take as many pictures of your items as possible. B. Take them in daylight, not at night under a lamp or light.. it loses a lot when you do that plus it looks very unprofessional. C. Try to find something soild to use as a backdrop of your photos. Don't just take them on a shelf and post them.. it also looks unprofessional. Apparently they have a forum on Etsy specifically for people saying what is wrong with photos. So there is my advice for the noobs. Some of you don't need it, I know.

So my frustration with wanting to quit.. NO I am not crazy.. Just exhausted! It is exhausting spending your free time promoting when I would rather be crafting.. It is also exhausting having people complain constantly that they aren't selling anything. There is a rhyme and reason to that.. maybe because the photos, maybe because of the poor promoting.. maybe cause your stuff falls inbetween lines and lines of similar things.

Last night at work was awful, I really wanted to walk out.. but I didn't.. but I do believe that if this one girl keeps getting an attitude with me I am going to ask her to step outside. haha

Lauren from craftster, la la laurrenn, ordered my peeping tom piece.. So I have deicided to throw something extra together for her.. even though she told me not to, tough shit! I like you girl and want to do alittle something extra!

All in all not a super exciting week ahead but they never really are.. I am looking for to craft night with my friends and continuing to craft.. Thank you all for your kind words when I was going through a moment of turmoil, some of you really made me snap out of it! And I appreciate the kindness of people I barely know.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The oxymoron that is my crafts

So I decided I wanted to continue trying to work on embroidery on clothing. I have done a few items on clothing so far.. a onesie and a cardigan.. both very very simple!! But yesterday was a new day and I wanted to try something different.. how about a spandex tank top?! OMG what was I thinking?!
So here is where the title comes into play.. I wanted to do a pin up. So a naked girl on a piece of clothing.. hehe.. right?! I love the way it turned out! I really really do.. after I hand washed it I even tried it on and the location of the girl is perfect, her head is right below my boob. hehe.. so here she is, the first blond pin up I have ever done because I am not a fan of blondes.. except miss brook owens, because she pulls it off so nicely!

thank god for stabilizers. I love her.. she is for sale at my etsy shop for $40!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Since I am a Liar and all..

Nope.. you can marry one, but she won't cook you dinner, clean and carpool the kids around. ha if she even wants kids.

Here is my newest piece which was HUGE.. about 10 inches long and about 5 inches wide.. it was a custom order for my etsy shop.. and I would think it would be spelled "ho" but this lady asked for me to spell it "hoe" and after looking up dr dre lyrics it is spelled "hoe" so I went with what she wanted and didn't argue.. haha why would I, it is what she wanted! yep! my second one so far!! That is so exciting. And I was only going to charge the lady 20 but she insisted that she pay $30.. She also told me my prices were way too low. I don't really want to raise them but some of the new things I am working on will be more expensive because it will be more detailed.

Oh I can't wait to try my new projects.. so much fun!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Continue to be patient..
- Enjoy time with the boy
- Take some photos on one of my days off!
- Finish my custom order for my etsy shop!
- Do more cross stitchings!
- Craft night with the Crafty Cunts!
- Continue being positive..

So lately I have been trying to view life and situations differently. It is not easy, especially when you are stuck in a routine day in and day out.. After a while life becomes this rock that is trying to drag you down to the bottom of the lake. So I have been enjoying the small things, not let things I can't help or change get to me, and spend time with people who actually care.

I have been so lucky to meet Lee. We went out to eat last night with his mom, and I have say that the more we hang out with her, the more I think we get along. I guess in the past few years I have grown hesitant about meeting parents. I was very nervous with Lee, he is an only child and his father died two years ago. So his mom is the only one he has and vice versa. But she is so accepting. I got so tired of one of my ex's mom who would always ask me why I had them and that she didn't understand why I would do something so ugly when I am so pretty. It really bothered me.. and we dated for nearly two years, so I heard it a lot! But Lee's mom likes them and she doesn't point them out or ask about them.. She just accepts me the way I am.

I think we are finally going to have a Crafty Cunt night. They have been few and far lately because everyone has been so busy. But I am looking forward to reuniting with them and continuing our meetings once a week!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Adorable Potholders and Sassy Cross stitch

wouldn't have it any other way would I? Nah.. why? hehe.. So I was working on my custom order and rain out of the thread I needed. Instead of running to Hobby Lobby last night I decided to just work on something else. ha. So I did these potholders and doctored up an old piece! Both were added to my etsy shop.
$16.00 for both!SOLD
The pots were my favorite part of those patterns, so I thought why not potholders!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Venturing out of Sublime and into Sailor Jerry

Oh, doesn't that sound kinda dirty?! Well in the sense there is about to be some nudity I guess it is! Yea, I have going with the "try new things" lately and I have been working on my transferring skills.. Still not great! But I have offically finished three pieces with it, and I am starting to feel more confident.

The You're Sweet Bib was my first transfer.. Then these ladies walked into my life.. And I have had a ton of fun with them.. and a lot of frustration. I can say now that I suck at hands! and not that great at boobs! Granted the Geisha had one boob way bigger than the other so I had to work on that one freehanded.

These both are based off of Sailor Jerry Flash.. we all know his work isn't perfect but that isn't the point.. Its the history of tattoos, or at least the most american history of tattoos. I guess dating a tattoo artist for five years gave me sort of a complex on tattoos. It has changed my opinion of tattoos from what they were, but one thing has never changed.. I still love the ladies.. Traditional pin ups are the best to me.. I just love how they show the female body in a beautiful way.. not a trashy way.

Both are for sale at my etsy store, both come with frames in the pictures. Peeping Tom SOLD! Geisha still available $22.00!