Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!!

- Finish up custom orders

- Work tons more

- Continue making time for loved ones

- Practicing patience

- Loving those who hate

So I finished up one custom order out of the four.. And this was the biggest piece! yay! I am getting faster at all of this. It is just a simple cross stitch with the last name of the couple and they date they are getting married.. I have been commissioned to do two of these so far, she said she may have two more for me by the summer. So I am pretty excited. Plus she wants me to do two little "bless this house" type cross stitchings, not my normal style but I do customed orders for anything and anyone, especially when its a friend I work with.. I am sure I will cut her a deal since there are so many projects.

Speaking of projects I have decided, after given advice from Jamie(MrXStitch) that I should kinda make my own line of cross stitchings with different styles.. I dig this idea, infact I dig it so much I already started doing it! I redid the "Protect Me, Satan" for my shop and I will continue doing this.. I want to keep certain items always stocked.. So if you have any suggestions from my past projects, please let me know.. Feedback is always appreciated!

I am becoming a workaholic I think.. This past week I managed to have two days off and I enjoyed them! This week I am going to be working like 10 shifts, so I will be busy.. but will be making money!!

Making time for loved ones can be challenging when you work so much and then work on crafting in my down time.. I am trying to find the balance between those things and a social life, haha. So far it isn't working too well! hehe

But that brings me to my next resolution, practice patience.. No Katie, you can't have everything you want now.. but it is nice to dream :)

And lastly, loving those who hate you.. ahhh it says it all really. Learning how to get over things, let it go and move on.. sign me up! I am there! I can honestly say I do not hate anyone, I honestly have nothing but love in my heart and it is a wonderful feeling. Infact, I encourage you to bury the hatchet, embrace a lost loved one, or just say fuck it and accept the things you can't change and love life reguardless.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Living Life on Cloud Nine

I got this message from Julie Jackson on Flickr today.. needless to say I am very excited, and those who care keep your eyes peeled next month for the interview!

"Hey, I'm bringing back the interview feature at in March, and I have a little project in mind. I'd like to put together a little show of the top four contributors to the Subversive group at Flickr (you are #1!) because you inspire me and crack me up and I'd like to introduce you to my customers. "

Yea there was more but that is between me and Ms Jackson! I am so excited!!!

On other news here is my newest little listing on Etsy! And yes I love Wu-tang Clan more than I should!

$18.00 @ My Etsy Shop

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!

- Working tons!

- Make time for friends and loved ones!

- Keep my cool under stressful situations!

- 2 Custom Orders to start!

- Finish the cross stitch I started last night!

- Keep being Katie!

So work has been working me a lot, I am not complaining.. however I haven't had much free time on my hands.. This only effects my social life and my craft life unfortunately, my two favorite things!

The hardest part about working full time and having friends that have complicating lives is making time for them and them making time for you. I look at the few friends I have, which again I am not complaining I would rather have a few great ones than a lot of bad ones. I have been making a more of an effort to make time from them, to be there for them. I read once that something about women spending time together can help with stress, which I have found to be true.. Nothing is more relaxing than a night out with the girls, and we all know laughter is the best medicine for anything and everything!

So this weekend has been insane at work, I often find myself in stressful situations at work and tend to lose my cool. I have been practicing maintaining my cool, something I haven't always been the greatest at. I tend to let things to get me, even the smallest comment can pick me apart til I pop! But this weekend I managed to keep my cool, with the coupons in the mail, valentines and presidents day.. I am pretty proud of myself!

A co-worker has commissioned me for two custom orders! I am so excited that my co-workers are awesome and so supportive. Honestly sometimes I look at my collection of cross stitchings, which are everywhere in my apartment, and think am I the only one who digs this stuff?! But apparently not! She asked me to do two pieces for two weddings, and they are quite different from what I would normally do. But this will give me great granny cross stitching practice!

I started another katie-cross-stitch last night though, and so far I think it maybe another favorite. I hope to finish it in the next few days and have it posted on my etsy shop!

I have found through all the maddness, drama, stress, life altering events, boyfriends, apartments.. that the one thing that keeps me grounded and together is me. Maybe I am the only one that forgets how reliable I am or how honest I can be.. but we all know it is so much harder to be honest with one's self.. This month I have been doing a lot of self growth and it has reached the point where I don't doubt myself so much, and I am happy with wherever I am at as long as I can just be me.. without apologies or excuses.. and NO I am not perfect, everyday I learn new things about myself but I want to better myself daily.. It is okay to aim for perfection, right?!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My soft spot

Is red hair.. I first dyed my hair red when I was in high school, ever since I have loved it!! I tried to look up old pictures of me with red hair back then, but I guess I destoryed most of them because of my very round face in those days.. but I think it is safe to say that it is ultimately my fall back hair color, I always enjoy it and I think it goes with my skin tone better.. Here is a now and then a picture from October 2008

Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!

- Work as much as possible
- Little PreValentine Plans
- See the Friday the 13th remake
- Continuing on a Positive Wave

So my list has become smaller and smaller, I guess that is part of the reason I haven't been posting Weekly Resolutions. That and I just got a computer for the first time in 2 months! Yep, 2 months away except for posting etsy listings.. It was a nice break, hehe.

I have been working as much as I possible can, which has been nice financially. But it doesn't leave much for spare time or a social life. But this week I have some plans and I am pretty excited. Me and a friend are going to see the new Friday the 13th movie, a remake by the same guy that redid Texas Chainsaw Massacre.. So I am pretty excited because I did enjoy that remake.

I have been super positive lately. When shit hit the fan in December I spoke with a friend about the whole situation.. His words really got me to thinking and it has really changed my views on a lot of things. I know whats in the past can't be fixed but I am growing from my mistakes. And staying positive about everything, even things I can't control.. trying to worry less.. keeping my mind and hands busy on things that make me smile. I am lucky to have friends that are there for me in hard times.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Stitchin With No Bitchin

Yea, life has been way kind to me.. I honestly have nothing to complain about! I have approached the new year with a new outlook and a new attitude. A lot of things got to me last year, and the only thing that I lost that was worthy of getting upset was my sanity! So this year I am approaching everything in a new light, with a fresh cheek, with a mostly full glass.. yep!

So here are some new projects I have been working on.. I have been keeping so busy.. It has been so nice! This first piece is my Anti-Valentine's Day piece, for those who are spending the holiday alone.. or working.. booo!

$25.00 @ My Etsy Shop

$18.00 @ My Etsy Shop

$20.00 @ My Etsy Shop

I had intended on adding this one on my etsy too, but I was so pleased with the way it turned out that I have decided I just can't part with it, which is nice because that rarely happens anymore :)