Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- work, as usual
- 2 custom orders

This past week was great! Thanksgiving at the boy's grandparents was so much fun. I wore a dress!?! Yea there is no proof of this but trust me I did.. His grandfather turned around and said, "Who do you have with you, Lee?" Hahaha. I think by the end of the night we all had a buzz.. His grandfather started before us all! And the dinner was amazing.. Lee cooked it all, and I was very proud! He offers to cook all the holidays because his grandparents are getting on up there, I think it is just so sweet.. and after the dinner we got to hear his grandfather tell stories about being on the radio back in the day, I am guessing around the 50's and 60's..

My birthday was another story.. this is the first birthday that i received no gifts, which I am totally fine with.. Never been a material person.. But I guess it hurt most that a lot of my friends forgot and I didn't even hear from my parents, which if you know them is self explanatory. Every idea I had to do on my bday got rained out because it landed on Black Friday.. which meant all the thrift stores were closed, and this really secret comic book place was closed.. bummer all around! But I got to spend the day with Lee.. and that was really all I wanted. I did get to spend some more time with Lee's family.. I met his extended family on his mom side, which was neat.. I can tell where he gets his looks from.

This week I have no plans except work and do my custom orders. As the holidays are getting closer and closer, work gets more hectic.. and of course so does life. I think I will be working all of Xmas Eve, which I did last year too.. But I should have New Years Eve and New Years off.. maybe? Last year Lee cooked a really romantic, fancy meal.. and we toasted to the new year with champagne.. I am hoping this year we will be able to do something similar, except I won't be at work most of the night this year!

I am very lucky to have him.. Lee has been a great boyfriend, but a better friend. Our year is in December.. I am looking forward to that.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stitched to make you laugh

Let's face it, I stitch up some of the most absurd cross stitchings ever! But I enjoy every second of it, and even if they don't sell they stay around the apartment and make me laugh every time that I see them.

Another Anchorman quote! Oh it had to be done.. One the topic I have a custom order request to do the smelly pirate hooker again! ha

$22.00 @ My Etsy Shop

Then I did a simple piece with one of my favorite insults ever, but I thought how cute would it be if it was pretty.. a pretty Douche Bag.. haha

Sold @ My Etsy Shop

And last but not least.. I decided to do one of my favorite on-going jokes from The Office.. Tit for tit.. It's tit for tat dwight.. hahahah
$16.00 @ My Etsy Shop

I hope those made you giggle a little.. Two are for sale the Douche Bag sold the same day I listed it! Amazing to know that others have the same sense of humor as I do!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Working Thanksgiving
- Still waiting on booklets to show up for Amanda's Custom Order
- Craft as much as possible!
- Have a WONDERFUL 27th Birthday
- Continue on with a positive attitude

So yea I am working Thanksgiving which completely blows, but part of the job I guess.. I think I have my birthday off so we are planning a late Thanksgiving dinner and then maybe me and Lee celebrate the bday! Nothing special is planned, but that is okay! I am just glad I get to share the day with someone I love.

I never received those booklets that I won on ebay.. which completely blows! But I ordered some others and am awaiting those to come in any day now, along with Lee's Xmas gift! Once those booklets come in I am starting on Amanda's take on wedding vows.. haha

So I have been working on a piece for the past three days.. and today I just completely effed it up! I was so disappointed! But if at first you don't succeed.. try, try again! This clearly showing my very positive attitude.. I have been so happy and positive despite the few who have tried to bring me down, I see their attempts as fuel.. to my strength that is growing daily. I am really thankful for the decision I have made.. I agree I don't always handle things the best way ever, but that is something I am working on.. it is part of growing up. The big 27 just around the corner and all! :)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taint Magazine.. Neither here nor there

So I have finished two more projects.. well technically three, but I didn't take pictures of the custom tea towel because it was a project I have done before. The Reform School girl from Sublime Stitching. Since the lady wanted it almost exactly how I did it before I just didn't see the point of sharing again. ha.

But I did do two more cross stitchings.. working on a third right now that will crack you up I am sure.. Still have tons of ideas just not enough time to do them seeing how I am working six days a week lately. UGH! and two of those days are doubles. Yea!

So here is my first piece! Taint Magazine, Neither here nor there!.. I love Mr. Show.. I had to do another one of this piece just so I could put it on my store, although it may never sell. I have come to the conclusion that not a lot of people can appreciate such a potty mouth, such as mine.. But I am okay with that! The "Taint" part is based off the logo the showed on Mr Show, and totally freehanded.

$17.00 @ my shop

I also did another piece, which kinda made a mess on craftster so I deleted it. FTW was meant to stand for Fuck the World, but everyone wanted to argue it was For the Win.. which I have never heard before.. Me and Lee laughed about how upset people were getting, correcting me.. neither of us had ever heard that.. But take it for whatever you want I suppose. :)

$15.00 @ my shop

So onto other news, the six booklets I won off Ebay never arrived, which really bummed me out! So I had to reorder some other ones that are similar.. I was waiting on those to arrive to do Amanda's custom order.. Which will be awesome!

Yesterday was me and Lee's 11 months, I can't believe we are almost at a year.. Things have been so wonderful lately.. We didn't get to do anything yesterday because we both worked but when I get off of work today I plan on making him a really fancy dinner!

A few nights ago I made some Cavatini.. and it was to die for..
It is a bake that includes, ground beef, pepperoni, green bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce, spagetti or pizza sauce, pasta, mushrooms and lots of mozzarella!! It was really yummy and made SO MUCH!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Custom Order Tea Towel

- Custom Order for Amanda

Honestly last week I slacked a lot.. I didn't spend as much time online though.. so kudos for that I suppose. I just got my order of Tea Towels in yesterday so now I can do my custom order and a few others for my Etsy Shop.. Still waiting on my booklets to come in that I won on Ebay. I will need those for Amanda's project, which I am very excited to work on!

This week I am taking it easy on the list.. I don't really have any major plans because work has sucked my social life and crafting life down the toliet. The closer it gets to the holidays the more I will work. Most likely working on Thanksgiving this year, bummer.. but asked off for my birthday, which is on the dreaded black friday.. dun dun dun.

Made a new friend this week.. got a lot of things off my chest.. it was nice to have someone support every fear I had then and confirm every doubt that I had.. knowing I am not crazy is always nice. :)

Just continue on with a positive attitude and hopefully continue doing well in life, thats my main goal.

Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross stitch bought another piece of mine, and gave me the raddest feedback ever! if you want to read it. Seriously the highlight of my week.. well that and my amazing boyfriend, who never ceases to amaze me.

Friday, November 14, 2008


So yea I have been busy this week.. unfortunately not on my custom orders because I am still waiting on my tea towels.. and the new cross stitch booklets(waiting on for Amanda's piece) but I thought that is no reason to sit and do nothing right??! right!

So here are a few piece I have thrown together this week.. and I am sure I will do something else this weekend.. I hope you guys enjoy them all!!

YES another Anchorman quote, I can't get enough, so deal with it.. hehe!

SOLD to Julie Jackson!! @My Etsy Shop

When I am dealing with drama or frustration of any kind, I have to tell myself.. Shake it off Katie!

$18.00 @ My Etsy Shop

Heathers being one of my all time favorite movies, I wanted to do my favorite quote.. but make it girly so here it is.. Get Crucial!

$18.00 @ My Etsy Shop

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Work on Custom Order for Amanda!

- Work on Custom Order with pin ups!

- Work, work, work at my real job.

- Let go!

- Spend less time on the internet!

So I finally found a frame for the piece I am going to do for Lee's friend Amanda! It is so beautiful!! Now I am just waiting on some booklets to come in the mail to actually start.. New borders and alphabets will be used and I can't wait to look through them and make it really really special!

I am still waiting on a order of tea towels to start on my other custom order, which is the reform school girl piece. The lady messaged me though and said her husband wants me to do some pieces for him as well, I am more than willing!!!

So the boss that I have hated since day one finally got fired, he has only been working for the company for like six years.. So now I am hoping to get more hours at work, which means more money! And maybe even vacation time? If I can squeeze in enough hours before the end of the year!

Talked to one of my ex's today.. and it was so weird.. it reminded me of what it was like to date him.. and it really made me sad. I guess I am just realizing that there maybe somethings I regret in my past, but all in all they happened for a reason..

Last but not least, I want to spend less time online!

Here is my newest piece.. which I love because it is an Arrested Development quote!$17.00 @ My Etsy Shop

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You Are A Smelly Pirate Hooker

Many of you have probably been wondering where the hell is katie, and what the hell happened to all her projects?!? Well people I am still up to the same old, took a short break but here is what I have finished up this week, please enjoy and remember all is done in humor. Let me know what you think!!

$25 @ My Etsy Shop

I love anchorman! I just can't stop doing quotes from that movie!! This frame is so beautiful as well.. I added it to my etsy store!

$15 @ My Etsy Shop

And who doesn't love internet lingo? I love it!

$12 @My Etsy Shop
This adorable frame could only fit a four letter word, so I picked my favorite ;)

I totally forgot about this piece, which took me forever, and definitely one of my favs!! This piece is also in my Etsy shop but isn't framed so it is a tad bit cheaper!! Great message, Girl POWER!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Resolutions!

- Send off scarf from Etsy sell

- Send off the really big piece I just finished from Etsy Sell

- Send off Mr and Ms Pacman piece for Etsy sell

- Hopefully recieve tea towels in the mail so I can work on another custom order!

- Finish the huge piece I have already started, another pro women piece!!

- Working more, need the hours, need the money.. Christmas isn't far!

- Odds and ends around the house

- Try to find a frame for Amanda's custom order

As you can tell I have a very busy week ahead of me.. but no worries.. busy is good!

Sold this scarf this week.. I owe all of that to my amazing modeling boyfriend.. isn't he yummy?!

Also sold this piece, which I really adore :) My friend Bliss has been eyeing it for sometime but it looks like someone beat her to the punch!

Also sold this beautiful piece, I swear it was only listed like two days and boom it was gone.. It really made me happy to know someone else really appreciated it :)

I am working on another pro women piece.. it sounds silly but it means a lot to me considering all the shit I have been through.. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said it, "A woman is like a tea bag. It's only when she's in hot water that you realize how strong she is." I just really can relate to that, a lot!

I got another custom order from the lady I did the three pin up towels for, she wants a reform school girl one now.. which I am more than happy to do. She also mentioned me working on some towels for her and clothing?!?!?! I felt really honored and very happy :)

Lee's friend Amanda approached me about a custom piece last week, I just want it to be so perfect.. So I am being very picky about the frame, colors, etc. I want her and her guy to be pleased with it :)

Other than that things have been kinda boring, aside from my boyfriend's ex egging his car and then starting a shit load of drama.. ugh.. Some girls never grow up! But I prefer boring. Lee goes to register for classes next week.. I am not sure when I will get my ass back into school but I need to soon!