Sunday, September 28, 2008

weekly resolutions!

- Continue to not get frustrated on work
- Craft, craft, craft.. like always
- Continue to try new things!!
- Try to get sewing machine table this week?
- Work, work, work
- Mail out the order for Etsy
- Try new things!!

So I don't have much to do this week really.. I am uncertain to what my schedule will be like after Tuesday.. Yea, work has been really lame about posting the schedule.. it is absurd! I am going to continue doing my crafts in my free time and hopefully spend some time with the boy. The etsy store is doing alright.. I am getting lots of hearts but not a ton of purchases, although I am glad to get what I do. I need to continue trying new things, because I want to offer a awesome selection. I just get so discouraged sometimes.. I just finished a new cross stitch piece.. it is for sale at my etsy store.
It is $15.00

Thursday, September 25, 2008

me and etsy sitting in a tree

So, where to start.. this has been an amazing week. I have been selling items and posting items left and right.. And I think it has been amazing. I have also been interviewed by two other blogspotters.. yep.. Yesterday Junk Style Diva posted her little interview and the pieces she likes out of my store. It is just a short interview but it is nice to get feedback and recognition for my hard work.

Next week
Debbie is interviewing me for her blog, October 3rd. I am super excited about this one cause it was very interactive, so much so I think I got nervous truly answering the questions.. haha.

I have been venturing out of my norm and starting projects I wouldn't normally do, like baby onesies and bibs.. yea it is true! Also trying dark fabrics, what what?! It is all true.. Here is a few projects I have pictures of, and tomorrow I will add the others!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Days off are the bee's knees

So I have been pretty productive the past few days! I have sent off my orders for etsy, even the two I sold yesterday.. Yippy! I also squeezed in two new pieces! I am starting to try new things with the Sublime Stitching patterns.. Last night I did my first onesie.. which was fun! I decided to use the Mitch O'Connell pattern "born bad." And I love the way it turned out! This was also the first time I used a stabilizer, and yes Brook I agree it probably shaved a good bit of time off the piece!

Both pieces are on my etsy store.. the snake is $13.00 and the onesie is $18.00!
I really liked the snake too.. I added some metallic thread in the sword and the green part in the snake.. the rest is normal thread.. I used felt and one of my hoop frames.. which I have had since Denver.. Wow!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Resolutions


- Work on my scarf
- Craft night with the Crafty Cunts
- Mail Jill's package
- Mail the custom order for Etsy
- Set up my sewing machine
- Enjoy my days off.. relax..
- Give thanks daily for the amazing people I do have in my life..
- Appreciate the cooler weather!

So I hate my job.. it is nothing special.. I work in a kitchen. I wouldn't hate it so much but I hate my boss. Our general manager.. which whom I work with more than I don't. I guess thats why it has been rubbing me so wrong. I just need to keep this job until I am finished with school.

I started a scarf like a week ago, or so.. and I have been putting it off, like whoa! Tonight we are all getting together and having a craft night and watching heroes! yes the crafty cunts love heroes!

I finally heard from the girl I did the custom order for, snitches get stitches, and she loves it.. So she bought it, which made me happy! So I have to send that out, along with Jill's.. I added Jill some extra things, so it is going out later than I had planned. My etsy store isn't doing amazing.. if it weren't for my friends I wouldn't be selling anything. It is crazy though cause since I got the agreement with Sublime Stitching I have only sold one of their pieces.. I am still selling the most out of original designs or little phrases.. which is kinda cool!

Tomorrow my friend is dropping off a vintage sewing machine table.. She said it may need to be refinished, so thats a new project! I am super excited to get it though. Now I can set up my sewing machine and maybe actually use it?! Get out!! It will fill out the craft room too! I should probably clean it tonight but I think I will do that tomorrow.

I have only been getting like one day off lately.. and working doubles.. and closing just to turn around and open the next morning. yea it has been killing me! I just need to enjoy the few I have off.. spend them loving my boyfriend and friends.. and enjoying this lovely change in the weather. It isn't suppose to get over 85 for the next two weeks.. So happy! :)

I just bought a boob off! I am so excited, hehe.. ok so it is a crochet boob.. and the proceeds go to Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. I just wanted to share this awesome piece and this awesome seller, goaskmalice!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tattoo Flash Tote

I started this piece like two weeks ago.. I put it down after like an hour and didn't pick it up til yesterday. I think I was frustrated cause I didn't know what to put in the banner, but then I thought how ironic would it be if it said "fate" since it is a heart and dagger.. Once I put the letters on I loved it again! I put it on my etsy, since it is a tote I am asking $20.00
This piece is made with a Sublime Stitching pattern!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Snitches Get Stitches!

So this piece was a piece someone asked me to make on Etsy.. Since I have finished it I have not been able to reach her.. So I just went ahead and added it to my store. Meh.. Anyway another piece with my freehanded knuckles and blood.. and this time all metallic. Yea on black.. This piece was a pain in my ass! But I never tire of trying new things.. this time metallic in a cross stitch and on black.. Take that weekly resolutions!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Resolutions!

- Finish making Jill's necklace
- Send Jill her package!
- Finish custom order from Etsy!
- Drop off Bliss's birthday gift!
- work, work, work
- This week I just want to try something new! This is my new goal, although I am not sure what it will be.

My weekly resolutions have been really lax lately.. sorry if they seem a bore. One of my best friends from high school, who I haven't seen since high school, bought somethings off my
Etsy shop. So I have decided to make her alittle something extra, because I really sort of miss her. Although we have definitely grown apart.. I think it is so strange how that can happen, but it seems to.. I am not sure if it is caues I have changed so much since then or if life just does.

This week is my friend Bliss's birthday. She has just gotten into embroidery and cross stitch.. so I had sneaky plan. I told her boyfriend to get her a starter kit at
Sublime Stitching, cause I don't know if it is me but when I was starting out it was very frustrating.. Although I started cross stitch many years back, it always made it more worth the trouble if it was a cool design. So he got her that, I got her a stylus and some carbon paper, and I am going to grab a crap load of thread for her. So I hope the presents combine will be pretty ultimate. I just want to encourage her, I let her borrow my Subversive Cross stitch Book, hoping it was also peek her interest! Yea, I pass on crafts like they are crack!

Work has been wearing me thin.. So I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I am just going to take out a student loan.. I am so tired of working in the food industry, and unfortunately having very visible tattoos.. my options are limited. But I am very ready to be doing something more relax and something I might actually enjoy.

I want to try something new this week.. Although I am not sure what I should do, but I think it is good to spice things up.. maybe I will knit a scarf. I mean it actually gets fairly cold up here, and I don't have a super cute one. Last year I knitted a very nice one for my mother, I really liked the way it turned out, I think I might do something similar.

Also I know it seems like I haven't been crafting much.. it is because I have been working a lot. And I am still turning away shifts it seems like everyday. I just can't be there doing doubles everyday.. six days in a row is a enough! Me and Lee went out last night with one of his friends.. he seems like a really cool guy, and it was nice to have someone stop by our place for once.

I did add this little piece to my
etsy shop!
It is only $7.00

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I got the fever

The pacman fever.. hehe.. I saw this frame and knew I wanted to do some sprites in it.. I decided to go with pacman and mrs pacman and a heart :)

This piece is for sale at my store for $13.00!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sophie The AMAZING!

I finally got my package from sewphie and it blew my mind!! I never would have expected all this rad stuff.. The piece she did with the tattooed lady was smaller than I thought which impressed the hell out of me. In the last photo I have a pen next to it to show you how amazing Sophie is to have so much detail in such a small piece.. AMAZING! I love it! And there was also a anchor compact.. very rad! Love anchors, I do have them tattooed on my feet! She also tossed in two awesome buttons, one being a The Cure button which is like my favorite band.. yea I have like all 20 something of their albums!! There was also candy, a girl after my heart! And Subversive Greeting Cards!! All in all I feel like I short changed her because this is so awesome!!

Day of the Dead Skull

I loved this frame.. I just couldn't decide what in the hell I wanted to put in it. The more I thought about the color of the frame I decided that the Day of the Dead would work, and the skull was the only pattern that fit. hehe. So I picked the color scheme around the frame. I did the wavy outline in a split stitch, also included some satin stitching and french knots! oh how I love the french knots!!

For sale @ my shop for $13.00

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

ghostbusters 3

I know this is not craft related but this is the best news I have heard in a while!! I have heard rumors about this but I had also heard that the original cast weren't on good terms, hence why they released a video game instead.. BUT GUESS WHAT?>!? They are making it.. and all original cast, and!!! Judd Apatow! God I love that man! So needless to say I am super stoked.. I am not sure when it will be released, its still in the works but I will be there waiting and ready to see it! Here is an article if you want to read!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

-work work work.. I am working six days this week
- send off packages for Etsy sells
- decide whether or not I am going to be in the fall challenge

honestly, I am kinda tired of crafting. honestly, I am kinda tired of a lot. The last 2 weeks I spent most of the time balling my eyes out.. Some because of things said about me that were brought to my attention.. Just realizing that I have no real friends is pretty heartbreaking. I am discouraged with Etsy, I am discouraged with crafting in general. Some pieces I put the most time into no one even seems to care about, which makes me wonder why bother even posting them anymore? I am not talking trash I am just saying it is discouraging. I think I am just going to take a break from the internet.. So add that to my weekly resolutions.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

New Booty For Etsy

Yea I made a few new bracelets last night and a new necklace and also edited my pirate necklace and added them all on my etsy store .. I just felt like I needed to add more jewelry to spice it up a bit.. Tell me what you think?

I love this piece, if it doesn't sell I will totally wear it!

A pirate's life for me!

Key to my heart.. hehe
Garnet and Sandstone go so well together!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Save the Drama

So lately I have been dealing with a lot of drama.. you know the old saying, when it rains it pours! I don't really want to get into it, its just basically been a few people bashing me at every opportunity they have.. one of them is my old roommate, and honestly I thought she was better than that.. needless to say I have nothing to say other than.. Save The Drama For Your Mama..

and yea I did the font like that on purpose.. I just didn't want it all straight down the center.. trying to add alittle messiness to it I guess.. I am going to add it to my etsy for about $13.. not badly priced I don't think.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A Non-Craft Post

I have been a giggle box all day! Work is always work but it is nice when you can joke around a lot.. makes the day go by faster. This morning when I opened the door for two of our cooks to come in, one was singing shake that laffytaffy.. I went up to her and said, what exactly is a laffytaffy.. I mean I know what I have been told what it is.. she laughed.. but how does one shake it? she burst into laughter.. and she said I don't know. Keep in mind this is a 50 year old black lady.. haha.. Then I told her the only way mine shakes is with a finger, toy or tongue.. and I think she almost pissed herself!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Unicorns! Magic! Glitter!

$10 at my etsy store

This is one of the girliest pieces I have done, but it was fun.. Ever since I got the license with Sublime Stitching I just can't stop making stuff. It gives me an excuse to use their patterns :) I think this will be the last piece I do with metallic thread for alittle while.. it makes such a mess!