Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Start on Custom Order Scarf

- Finish up Custom Order Cross stitch

- Work, work, work

- Lee and I's One Year Anniversary!

- Try relaxing

So just so you know I am not a total slacker.. yea yea you were thinking it! I have been very busy lately. This weekend alone, i sold four pieces.. One wasn't even through Etsy, which makes me happy :)

But here is what I have been working on..

$25.00 for both @
My Etsy Shop
$18.00 @ My Etsy Shop

I also finished up the Custom piece for Amanda.. I liked the way it turned out, I let her decide if she wanted cursive or regular cross stitch.. I think if left to my own devices I would have picked almost like an old english, but maybe I am just a fan of that font.. hehe.. She said she wanted cursive, so I found a pretty one that I didn't think looked too difficult to read. She is giving this to her boyfriend/fiance and I think it is sweet.. ha. The frame is beautiful in person, it is made out of stone or something, really heavy and really pretty cause it is all carved. I hope she likes it!

I tried to pick a border that matched the framing.. I think I did a fairly good job. I just hope she likes it!
I have two custom orders left on my list, woot! One is for a previous customer, who came back because she loved the other pieces she has.. always nice to have returning customers, I LOVE IT! So she tells me her 15 year old soon isn't allowed to say fuck.. so he says, "what the vulk!?" which I just assumed was a star trek reference, ha. But anyway, I am starting a fairly nice size on that piece. She hasn't been incredibly picky.. so this allows me to show off some, I hope. I am working on a impressive border, if I do say so myself. The other order is a scarf, which I am looking forward to knitting some. This is also from a returning customer as well.
I have been working a lot, things always get stressful around the holidays.. I have to learn how to turn the mind off when I am not there and relax some... or I may just lose my mind :)


beefranck said...

I love the custom order and the one that's coming. :)

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you.. I hope Amanda likes it! I tried not to make it too girly, and then she said she wanted cursive, which for some reason is now girly to me? ha, I am wierd.
Which one coming up? The "what the vulk!?" one? That one has a intense border, it will probably take me a while, but I LOVE returning customers, and don't mind giving them extra attention as long as they don't mind the wait.

torrance said...

Wow, you've been keeping buzy! Great job sweetness!

Katie Kutthroat said...

yes i have been very busy.. but busy is good, and the extra cash i have been making has been really nice right before the holidays :) thank you

Mr X Stitch said...
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Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you.. i tried to find a border that matched the frame.. i found the frame first, and fell in love with it! i wouldn't call myself a success, i am barely making a name for myself.. but i appreciate anyone and everyone that has helped me :)

CashMoneySilk said...

I love your "art!"