Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

-Finish Amanda's Custom Order!!

-Work on a Custom Order, a scarf!

-Work, work, work!!!

-Resend out my student aid stuff!

I finished one custom order but don't have pictures because it is basically just like another piece I have done before. I started on Amanda's and I am almost finished with the border, which is intense.. LOVE IT! I have also been asked to make a scarf for a friend and I think I will be able to squeeze that in once I finish Amanda's piece..

The only thing holding me back from my projects are work.. yea I am working tons!! I worked six days this week, and next week I have an open to close shift just to come back the next day.. ugh. I hate the holidays!!

I finally figured out all my student aid stuff and I am sending it out Monday so maybe I can continue my college education starting this summer! Fun Times!! haha.


Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I looked through your posts and I felt inspired by your blog. Seriously, I have one located here in San Diego.

I am inviting you to be a part of my art community as a friend or just someone who may decide to stop by and comment sometimes.

I have an international audience and many of my friends are really neet. So I hope you will stop by some time...


TiLT said...

Love your weekly of these days it'll give my hiney enough of a kick to do that for myself.
Best of luck with the school stuff...always a good thing - one all the BS is passed & you actually start :)

Katie Kutthroat said...

wow thank you jesse.. i am glad my blog can inspire someone.. i will have to check yours out!

tilt, you so should.. it feels so nice to have them listed infront of you :)