Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Finish Custom Order Cross stitch
- Finish Custom Order Scarf
- Bake more cookies!!
- Enjoy Xmas Eve and Xmas off of work
- Spend time with the boy and his family

So I was almost finished with the cross stitch that I am doing for a custom order, just to realize that it didn't fit the frame I had picked out.. BUMMER!! So I had to start over again.. haha! Also having some bad luck with the scarf, I had to unravel over a foot because I fudged it. So maybe this past week has not been my week for crafting!

I started baking cookies, I did some to go to work.. But I have to make more to go to Lee's family get together on Xmas Eve.. So I am going to go back to my baking ways, maybe I will take pictures.

I somehow got super lucky this year and am off Xmas Eve.. So I plan on enjoying it, see last year I worked every holiday, I am feeling really lucky.. Now I can spend the day with my boy and his family. Which I really enjoyed it Thanksgiving, so I am looking forward to it! Lee is so cute, he told me he wanted me to meet all of them because he wanted his future wife to get along with his family. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!

That is really all I have for this week, I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and gets to spend it with loved ones.. That is what it is all about afterall :D Merry Christmas to all!! Hope Santa brings you what you wanted.

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