Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!!

- Go see Watchmen
- Work a ton
- Craft a ton
- Acceptance

So I am super excited about Watchmen, I just started reading it but love it! I made plans with two of my best guy pals to go see it, now its just a matter of having the same time off of work..

Speaking of work, yea I am still working way too much.. Last week I decided to take two days off instead of my typical one day off of work. It was a great decision on my part, I was able to finish up another custom order and clean the house, get my oil changed and baked 3 dozen cookies!!
The past week and a half I have finished 4 custom orders, I haven't really been able to do what Katie wants to do.. This week I am hoping to creep back into that mode.. I started another cross stitch and I love the border, although it is taking forever! Here are two of the custom orders I did this week :)

Both parties picked everything from the design to the colors.. I just whipped them up for them! Thanks ladies!
Acceptance.. It has been a long hard road for me, realizing that people who I thought were my friends aren't.. The pain is always there, it never goes away and every time I think of them it literally makes me sick to my stomach.. But I am reaching a point where I accept people who reject me, from social gatherings, friendships, etc.. Knowing deep down that I am a good person and don't deserve the rejection, I am accepting people for the way they are and moving on.. I wish I knew an easier way to pass along but just remember, keep your chin up.. life is a rolllercoaster, and I ain't afraid of no rolliecoaster!


torrance said...

love the cross stitches

Sherezada said...

Acceptance is indeed tough, but more power to ya, girl, for finding the courage to strive towards it!

The stitches are really cool, too. "Heathers" has some of the most stitchable lines. ;)

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you torrance

sherezada- it is incredibly difficult but i am finding peace in a lot of things i can not change or control.. it is ultimately the best way to deal with it, or for me anyway :)

and yes heathers is too awesome!!