Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!!

- Keep on trucking at work
- 2 More Custom Orders to go!
- Start redoing some old cross stitchings
- Must fit in Social Life
- Avoiding drama

So in the economy today I find it so important to have a stable income. I guess more so now than ever.. Single life can be a very fight or flight moment.. Sure sometimes I am puking and don't want to go into work, but yesterday I sucked it up and am really glad I did. After all it is the income that keeps me crafty!

This week I knocked out three custom orders, I will post pictures soon.. although two of them are just a wedding gift, nothing too fancy.. the other was a custom order on Etsy.

I know in the last blog I mentioned starting a line of cross stitchings that I would like to have available on my Etsy Store, but I have been so busy with custom orders I have had little time for tinkering of my own(and no I am so NOT complaining).

I have been making a real effort to have a "social life" which has been difficult with my scheduling, a lot of doubles kinda suck away at your free time. But I am happy to report that it is making a come back.. It saddens me that one of my close friends here is moving but at the same time I do not blame her at all!

Avoiding drama is always easier said than done.. It is always amusing when you are in a case of guys gone drama.. I find it amusing because women have the reputation of being catty and dramatic. The best way I know is to not react in the manner they are trying to get out of me. When they push my buttons and take it as encouragement to reach the next hurdle. So heres to hoping I don't pull a muscle before this is all over!

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