Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- work, as usual
- 2 custom orders

This past week was great! Thanksgiving at the boy's grandparents was so much fun. I wore a dress!?! Yea there is no proof of this but trust me I did.. His grandfather turned around and said, "Who do you have with you, Lee?" Hahaha. I think by the end of the night we all had a buzz.. His grandfather started before us all! And the dinner was amazing.. Lee cooked it all, and I was very proud! He offers to cook all the holidays because his grandparents are getting on up there, I think it is just so sweet.. and after the dinner we got to hear his grandfather tell stories about being on the radio back in the day, I am guessing around the 50's and 60's..

My birthday was another story.. this is the first birthday that i received no gifts, which I am totally fine with.. Never been a material person.. But I guess it hurt most that a lot of my friends forgot and I didn't even hear from my parents, which if you know them is self explanatory. Every idea I had to do on my bday got rained out because it landed on Black Friday.. which meant all the thrift stores were closed, and this really secret comic book place was closed.. bummer all around! But I got to spend the day with Lee.. and that was really all I wanted. I did get to spend some more time with Lee's family.. I met his extended family on his mom side, which was neat.. I can tell where he gets his looks from.

This week I have no plans except work and do my custom orders. As the holidays are getting closer and closer, work gets more hectic.. and of course so does life. I think I will be working all of Xmas Eve, which I did last year too.. But I should have New Years Eve and New Years off.. maybe? Last year Lee cooked a really romantic, fancy meal.. and we toasted to the new year with champagne.. I am hoping this year we will be able to do something similar, except I won't be at work most of the night this year!

I am very lucky to have him.. Lee has been a great boyfriend, but a better friend. Our year is in December.. I am looking forward to that.


Glenda said...

Belated birthday greetings!!

Bummer about not hearing from your parents on your bday. My dad and I have a good relationship, but the only time he calls on my bday is if I specifically ask him to. And I've been known to call my MIL and ask "WTF?!?!" when she forgets my hubby's bday. Different folks, different strokes, I guess. Glad you had your sweetie to take care of you. He sounds like a keeper!!

Katie Kutthroat said...

he is pretty awesome.. this was a first for my parents, its odd that i didn't get a card even. but i guess some people just forget or don't have time to make such a gesture.