Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!

- Working tons!

- Make time for friends and loved ones!

- Keep my cool under stressful situations!

- 2 Custom Orders to start!

- Finish the cross stitch I started last night!

- Keep being Katie!

So work has been working me a lot, I am not complaining.. however I haven't had much free time on my hands.. This only effects my social life and my craft life unfortunately, my two favorite things!

The hardest part about working full time and having friends that have complicating lives is making time for them and them making time for you. I look at the few friends I have, which again I am not complaining I would rather have a few great ones than a lot of bad ones. I have been making a more of an effort to make time from them, to be there for them. I read once that something about women spending time together can help with stress, which I have found to be true.. Nothing is more relaxing than a night out with the girls, and we all know laughter is the best medicine for anything and everything!

So this weekend has been insane at work, I often find myself in stressful situations at work and tend to lose my cool. I have been practicing maintaining my cool, something I haven't always been the greatest at. I tend to let things to get me, even the smallest comment can pick me apart til I pop! But this weekend I managed to keep my cool, with the coupons in the mail, valentines and presidents day.. I am pretty proud of myself!

A co-worker has commissioned me for two custom orders! I am so excited that my co-workers are awesome and so supportive. Honestly sometimes I look at my collection of cross stitchings, which are everywhere in my apartment, and think am I the only one who digs this stuff?! But apparently not! She asked me to do two pieces for two weddings, and they are quite different from what I would normally do. But this will give me great granny cross stitching practice!

I started another katie-cross-stitch last night though, and so far I think it maybe another favorite. I hope to finish it in the next few days and have it posted on my etsy shop!

I have found through all the maddness, drama, stress, life altering events, boyfriends, apartments.. that the one thing that keeps me grounded and together is me. Maybe I am the only one that forgets how reliable I am or how honest I can be.. but we all know it is so much harder to be honest with one's self.. This month I have been doing a lot of self growth and it has reached the point where I don't doubt myself so much, and I am happy with wherever I am at as long as I can just be me.. without apologies or excuses.. and NO I am not perfect, everyday I learn new things about myself but I want to better myself daily.. It is okay to aim for perfection, right?!


Blog Artists said...

Definitely not wrong to head in the directing of perfection...or atleast perfecting in YOUR eyes...
Do the best you can with everyone and the things you have around you...and then if people expect more, you know it's their problem, because you have done as much as you can.
Love reading your Blog...have a great day.


I'm following anyone thats as ballsy as you... did I spell that
we love Katie Kutthroat.. and we love your tattoos tooooooooo

mona & the gaffer girls
ps you have a great week

claudio said...

I invite you to visit my blog. you can find my last works of art at:

yours Claudio Tomassini

Katie Kutthroat said...

aww thank you ladies.. i love you too! :D