Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekly Resolutions!!

- Finish up custom orders

- Work tons more

- Continue making time for loved ones

- Practicing patience

- Loving those who hate

So I finished up one custom order out of the four.. And this was the biggest piece! yay! I am getting faster at all of this. It is just a simple cross stitch with the last name of the couple and they date they are getting married.. I have been commissioned to do two of these so far, she said she may have two more for me by the summer. So I am pretty excited. Plus she wants me to do two little "bless this house" type cross stitchings, not my normal style but I do customed orders for anything and anyone, especially when its a friend I work with.. I am sure I will cut her a deal since there are so many projects.

Speaking of projects I have decided, after given advice from Jamie(MrXStitch) that I should kinda make my own line of cross stitchings with different styles.. I dig this idea, infact I dig it so much I already started doing it! I redid the "Protect Me, Satan" for my shop and I will continue doing this.. I want to keep certain items always stocked.. So if you have any suggestions from my past projects, please let me know.. Feedback is always appreciated!

I am becoming a workaholic I think.. This past week I managed to have two days off and I enjoyed them! This week I am going to be working like 10 shifts, so I will be busy.. but will be making money!!

Making time for loved ones can be challenging when you work so much and then work on crafting in my down time.. I am trying to find the balance between those things and a social life, haha. So far it isn't working too well! hehe

But that brings me to my next resolution, practice patience.. No Katie, you can't have everything you want now.. but it is nice to dream :)

And lastly, loving those who hate you.. ahhh it says it all really. Learning how to get over things, let it go and move on.. sign me up! I am there! I can honestly say I do not hate anyone, I honestly have nothing but love in my heart and it is a wonderful feeling. Infact, I encourage you to bury the hatchet, embrace a lost loved one, or just say fuck it and accept the things you can't change and love life reguardless.


The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

LOVE your blog, just found it today...great posts.

Katie Kutthroat said...

aww thank you :) i am glad someone enjoys them!

Adorebynat said...

You're funny, do you know that? I really like how your blog is written. Genuine and to the point.Adore By Nat - Handmade Greeting Cards

Katie Kutthroat said...

awww thank you.. hehe i try, actually thats a lie.. i was lucky enough to be raised in a house filled with sarcasim :) it helps form a decent sense of humor