Sunday, August 10, 2008

So one of my favorite websites posted another one of my pieces! LOVE IT! This makes five times.. So go to the page and look around.. Leave love.. And thanks for promoting my Etsy Store!! THAT SO MADE MY DAY!!

And I love the gangsta mario comment.. made me laugh really hard! Awesomeness!!

The Etsy Store is still just starting out.. I haven't filled out my Sublime Stitching Agreement yet so I haven't even posted any of those projects, and yet I have sold three pieces this past week. It has been so awesome to see other people getting excited about pieces that I have done.. That I designed and put my heart into it so to speak. It has really made me feel pretty wonderful.

So I read my horoscope today and it was so wierd.. it hit so close to home!

"Theres a clown in your life whose jovial act is starting to grate on you a little too much, lately -- but it looks like youre the only one who is sick of their tricks! Everyone else just thinks they are hilarious, which is only going to annoy you more. Since there are no sympathetic ears for you to vent your frustration to, you might as well just step back from all the group energy and go off on your own for a while. You need a break, and you can always count on yourself to understand!"



Brook said...

thats so wonderful about sprite stitch!! that cross stitch is so funny!!! and congrats on your etsy store and sales!!!!! Fill out that sublime stitching agreement!!! When I filled out mine to took a little over a week to get it back to me!

Brook said...

Just a little note: I have given you a blog award check out the rules on my Blog Just wanted to say thanks for being such a sweet person when I am so evil !! hahaha I am really glad that I started talking to you! you really inspire me to make myself a better crafter!

Katie Kutthroat said...

you are the sweetest woman! i swear! NOT EVIL! hehe just hilarious! it is amazing meeting the right people on craftster has inspired me as well.. not only to be a better crafter but a better person ingeneral. i owe a lot to you and pam, and you ladies don't even know it!