Saturday, August 23, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Mail Sewphie's Pacakge
- Work on controlling my temper, or it will control me
- Craft Night with The Crafty Cunts
- Work on new pieces for Etsy

So I'm not trying gloat but.. Apparently there are 3 of my latest post that are on the front page of under HOT NEW PROJECTS FROM ALL CATEGORIES ! Which has never in my life happened before.. 3!!!

Okay so this past week has been one that I have accomplished so much in.. The last week and a half I sold 5 items on my etsy shop.. and finished up 2 swaps! Man busy bee.. Not to mention I did a few new projects for my etsy shop.

I got a message from the girl I sold the kirby piece to. I sent her a message last night asking if she recieved it.. She wrote back saying yes, she was planning on giving it to someone for a bday present but when she got it she couldn't wait.. She said she went ahead and gave it to him for desk at work and he was very very happy! That made me so happy.. I am so glad I can do a piece, big or small, and it bring joy to someone else.

I got a message from one of my good friends in Mobile, Alabama this week as well. He is one of my old tattoo artists! He was just messaging me to say he missed me and see what I have been up to. He is out of work at the moment with a fucked up back.. Hope you feel better soon CW. I still want another piece from him.. It is nice to know that if I am back in Mobile that I have friends that want to see me.

All in all this is one positive blog entry.. Now I must go get ready for tonight! Soprano's night with Italian food and some pretty amazing friends.


Brook said...

I got my package in the mail!! At first i was like " what the fuck is this?" then I read Alabama and i was like YAY!! I love love love love the pillowcase! you are great at embroidery u dingo! I am so mad you didn't do the " tea towel tour" tsk tsk !

Brook said...

You have been "tagged" by me on my blog.... boring I know.... FYI... its like chain mail hell...

Katie Kutthroat said...

well the tea towel said you had to have two swaps already.. and I don't.. maybe next time? and I am glad you loved your swap :)

kittykill said...

Coolio and congrads on the hot projects!

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you lady!