Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekly Resolutions!

- Send off scarf from Etsy sell

- Send off the really big piece I just finished from Etsy Sell

- Send off Mr and Ms Pacman piece for Etsy sell

- Hopefully recieve tea towels in the mail so I can work on another custom order!

- Finish the huge piece I have already started, another pro women piece!!

- Working more, need the hours, need the money.. Christmas isn't far!

- Odds and ends around the house

- Try to find a frame for Amanda's custom order

As you can tell I have a very busy week ahead of me.. but no worries.. busy is good!

Sold this scarf this week.. I owe all of that to my amazing modeling boyfriend.. isn't he yummy?!

Also sold this piece, which I really adore :) My friend Bliss has been eyeing it for sometime but it looks like someone beat her to the punch!

Also sold this beautiful piece, I swear it was only listed like two days and boom it was gone.. It really made me happy to know someone else really appreciated it :)

I am working on another pro women piece.. it sounds silly but it means a lot to me considering all the shit I have been through.. I believe Eleanor Roosevelt said it, "A woman is like a tea bag. It's only when she's in hot water that you realize how strong she is." I just really can relate to that, a lot!

I got another custom order from the lady I did the three pin up towels for, she wants a reform school girl one now.. which I am more than happy to do. She also mentioned me working on some towels for her and clothing?!?!?! I felt really honored and very happy :)

Lee's friend Amanda approached me about a custom piece last week, I just want it to be so perfect.. So I am being very picky about the frame, colors, etc. I want her and her guy to be pleased with it :)

Other than that things have been kinda boring, aside from my boyfriend's ex egging his car and then starting a shit load of drama.. ugh.. Some girls never grow up! But I prefer boring. Lee goes to register for classes next week.. I am not sure when I will get my ass back into school but I need to soon!


Mr X Stitch said...
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Katie Kutthroat said...

my reputation is hey she will embroider half naked girls! woo hoo! if not completely naked

CraftyCupcake said...

That pac man piece was the shiz! I shoulda moved faster :) Have a great, bus week!

Katie Kutthroat said...

i knew you would be bummed.. but i can always make another if you really really want it :)

Brook said...

cool on all the sales!

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you brook.. its always a good week or a bad week.. plus when i have sells it means i can buy cute things like your mustache ornament :)