Saturday, November 22, 2008

Taint Magazine.. Neither here nor there

So I have finished two more projects.. well technically three, but I didn't take pictures of the custom tea towel because it was a project I have done before. The Reform School girl from Sublime Stitching. Since the lady wanted it almost exactly how I did it before I just didn't see the point of sharing again. ha.

But I did do two more cross stitchings.. working on a third right now that will crack you up I am sure.. Still have tons of ideas just not enough time to do them seeing how I am working six days a week lately. UGH! and two of those days are doubles. Yea!

So here is my first piece! Taint Magazine, Neither here nor there!.. I love Mr. Show.. I had to do another one of this piece just so I could put it on my store, although it may never sell. I have come to the conclusion that not a lot of people can appreciate such a potty mouth, such as mine.. But I am okay with that! The "Taint" part is based off the logo the showed on Mr Show, and totally freehanded.

$17.00 @ my shop

I also did another piece, which kinda made a mess on craftster so I deleted it. FTW was meant to stand for Fuck the World, but everyone wanted to argue it was For the Win.. which I have never heard before.. Me and Lee laughed about how upset people were getting, correcting me.. neither of us had ever heard that.. But take it for whatever you want I suppose. :)

$15.00 @ my shop

So onto other news, the six booklets I won off Ebay never arrived, which really bummed me out! So I had to reorder some other ones that are similar.. I was waiting on those to arrive to do Amanda's custom order.. Which will be awesome!

Yesterday was me and Lee's 11 months, I can't believe we are almost at a year.. Things have been so wonderful lately.. We didn't get to do anything yesterday because we both worked but when I get off of work today I plan on making him a really fancy dinner!

A few nights ago I made some Cavatini.. and it was to die for..
It is a bake that includes, ground beef, pepperoni, green bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce, spagetti or pizza sauce, pasta, mushrooms and lots of mozzarella!! It was really yummy and made SO MUCH!


Bliss said...

I thought it meant "for the win," too. But I guess that's because I'm kind of an Internet geek. Your projects and food look great!

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you.. yea neither of us have heard that.. and we do consider ourselves nerds..apparently not enough.. we also decided we kinda picked up the term from metal and punk music, so maybe that is why?

For the love of jewelry... said...

Heh. You're very naughty, you know? I like that in a person. :c)

Katie Kutthroat said...

naughty is my middle name ;)

About Adorn Me jewelry said...

As it should be. Makes life more interesting. :) My mother was a burlesque dancer way back in the old days, and she has one of the dirtiest minds I've ever experienced. So I guess it runs in the family. I seriously love your naughty needlepoint and the way it totally turns tradition on its head and would make people back up as they walk back and re-read, wondering if it really said what they thought it said. I think I will have to buy one.


About Adorn Me jewelry said...

I have one for you, for the bathroom. Hung over the toilet, where guys are sure to see it:

"Please aim carefully, it's shorter than you think." This, of course, makes one wonder whether it's the toilet, or their dicks, being talked about there... :P

Katie Kutthroat said...

hahah that is hilarious.. and really cool about your mother.. my mom is just a metal head who still thinks she is 25. ha!

About Adorn Me jewelry said...

It's good to keep a youthful outlook. I'm probably closer to your mom's age and I like all kinds of music. I see people my age STILL listening to the same music that they grew up with and won't branch out. I think that's crazy. It's like a little death, in a way. Good music is good music and cuts across genre, time and place.

Another one for you that I saw on a coffee cup years ago: "Never underestimate a woman who appears to be in retreat." How true... :c)

Katie Kutthroat said...

hehe.. that is very cute as well..

my mother is dating a guy my age, so that is kinda odd.. to me. i mean she will always be young at heart.. i think i will be too ;)

Adorn Me jewelry said...

I think it's great to be that way, but even though I had some offers from guys the same age as my son (before I was married again last year), it was just too weird. And I couldn't help thinking that it would be weird for my son, too. It's obviously none of my business, but I hope that it's not so odd that it messes with your head. I like younger guys, but at some point, they're so young it's like having another kid. Then again, our house was always the place where my son and his friend hung out, because I never minded their music or video games, and stuff like that, and had only a few important rules. Most of them had parent problems, or only one parent who was never home, etc. They used to come in to my room where I'd be working on the computer and want to talk to me sometimes. I think they didn't really have anyone who was an adult to talk to. It was my privilege to help to raise close to a dozen boys and a couple of girls, so that's why it would just be too weird for me. Thinking about it feels good, but it also makes me feel old. My son, and most of his friends, are in their mid-to-late 20s now. LOL

Katie Kutthroat said...

sounds like you are a great mom.. seriously. my mother not so great, but we won't get into that.. ha.. i hope you enjoy your purchase by the way.. i will try to get it out by the end of the week :)

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Thank you, Katie. I try, but we all make mistakes that we beat ourselves up for later, after we've grown up and become more 'enlightened.' I don't know of one mother who wouldn't want to do some things over again.

I had a... interesting... family myself. Spent at least half of the 1970's in a drug-induced fog and driving a race car, being wild. Sometimes we have to raise ourselves, eh?

BTW, Happy Birthday. You'll be the same age as my son. I hope your day is special for you.

Oh, I will love to have my new cross stitch in my office. My first needlepoint, too, actually. There's no rush on it, though, because I likely won't be able to pick it up from the post office until early January. I live in Canada and drive to that NY P.O. box in my address field about every other week. I'll be visiting Dec 2nd and then the 13th will be traveling to CA, so I won't going again before my trip. So truly, Katie, don't rush it. As long as I have it in my P.O. box in NY by the start of January, we're good. :)

One last thing. It's good to try to be positive. Life will always be Hell at one time or another. They say that where your mind is -- what you think -- is where you live. If your mind is often mired in shit, your life is shit. Positive thinking won't often take the bad things away (although it doesn't hurt), but if life is all about focus, and you're focusing on the better things that are happening to you, instead of the bad ones, and working to make your life what YOU want it to be eventually, your a little bit less likely to notice the crappy things -- or they don't touch you as much. So in that way, life is overall better. I learned this from my father, who is the most positive person I've ever met in my life.

I wish you good things. :)


Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you.. that made me tear up a little. i will get it out soon though, i am just that way.. tcb baby all the way! :) thank you for the birthday wishes.. and i hope you have wonderful holidays! also, i am glad i could supply you with your first needlepoint work, everyone should have at least one!