Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Custom Order Tea Towel

- Custom Order for Amanda

Honestly last week I slacked a lot.. I didn't spend as much time online though.. so kudos for that I suppose. I just got my order of Tea Towels in yesterday so now I can do my custom order and a few others for my Etsy Shop.. Still waiting on my booklets to come in that I won on Ebay. I will need those for Amanda's project, which I am very excited to work on!

This week I am taking it easy on the list.. I don't really have any major plans because work has sucked my social life and crafting life down the toliet. The closer it gets to the holidays the more I will work. Most likely working on Thanksgiving this year, bummer.. but asked off for my birthday, which is on the dreaded black friday.. dun dun dun.

Made a new friend this week.. got a lot of things off my chest.. it was nice to have someone support every fear I had then and confirm every doubt that I had.. knowing I am not crazy is always nice. :)

Just continue on with a positive attitude and hopefully continue doing well in life, thats my main goal.

Julie Jackson of Subversive Cross stitch bought another piece of mine, and gave me the raddest feedback ever! if you want to read it. Seriously the highlight of my week.. well that and my amazing boyfriend, who never ceases to amaze me.


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Hey Katie,

posting your weekly resolutions is brilliant

Luv how you modernized a classic art form!

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you.. this week's resolutions is very light.. taking a break from having a lot on my shoulders.. and thank you so much for the compliment.. i try to spice things up :)

Adorebynat said...

I'm glad that you're doing well with your store and a lot of custom orders in line keeping you busy :-)

Adore By Nat

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you sweetie :)