Sunday, November 23, 2008

Weekly Resolutions

- Working Thanksgiving
- Still waiting on booklets to show up for Amanda's Custom Order
- Craft as much as possible!
- Have a WONDERFUL 27th Birthday
- Continue on with a positive attitude

So yea I am working Thanksgiving which completely blows, but part of the job I guess.. I think I have my birthday off so we are planning a late Thanksgiving dinner and then maybe me and Lee celebrate the bday! Nothing special is planned, but that is okay! I am just glad I get to share the day with someone I love.

I never received those booklets that I won on ebay.. which completely blows! But I ordered some others and am awaiting those to come in any day now, along with Lee's Xmas gift! Once those booklets come in I am starting on Amanda's take on wedding vows.. haha

So I have been working on a piece for the past three days.. and today I just completely effed it up! I was so disappointed! But if at first you don't succeed.. try, try again! This clearly showing my very positive attitude.. I have been so happy and positive despite the few who have tried to bring me down, I see their attempts as fuel.. to my strength that is growing daily. I am really thankful for the decision I have made.. I agree I don't always handle things the best way ever, but that is something I am working on.. it is part of growing up. The big 27 just around the corner and all! :)


Loca4crafts said...

Hope you have a great birthday :)

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you lady.. basically thanksgiving while we are all at work we are throwing a birthday party.. one of my friends is making me a cake and i am going to bring something yummy :) my birthday is on black friday this year.. haha

Mr X Stitch said...
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Katie Kutthroat said...

yea life is good.. work is annoying.. the boy is wonderful.. and my crafts are plotting against me.. all in all though i can't complain.. i am almost finished with that piece that i completely restarted :)

sewphie said...

Happy birthhday to ya x

Katie Kutthroat said...

thank you sweetie :)